Silver Cup, Light, Steel, Trains Passing, Vibration

Dimensions: Variable


A small, silver-plated cup sits on a metal shelf that is attached to the masonry wall behind the plasterboard of the gallery.  The cup is full of water, the surface of which is carefully lit by a distant spotlight.  The gallery is adjacent to a set of tracks where coal trains regularly pass, heavily laden with cargo.  As a train approaches, the spot of light that is reflected on the gallery wall begins to tremble.  It then begins to vibrate in chaotic and patterned movements as the train cars pass in a rhythmic succession.  Then, as the train moves beyond the immediate vicinity of the gallery, the water and the spot of reflected light slowly return to a steady, quiet state. Neither the tracks nor the trains are visible from the gallery.  The light articulates the invisible, physical vibrations in the ground and in the surrounding architecture.  It makes visible what is otherwise physically felt and draws attention to the possibility of sensing what otherwise goes un-noticed.