Collaboration with Ethan Jackson, lenses, 1900 Tuberculosis sanitorium, light

Dimensions: Variable


A multi-lensed camera obscura produced in collaboration with Ethan Jackson and installed at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.  The rotunda in which the piece was installed once served as a sunning room for terminal tuberculosis patients in the early part of the 20th century.  All windows were blacked-out and several lenses and mirrors were used to project the exterior landscape onto the ceiling of the rotunda.  Iron cots, similar to the beds that were used by the TB patients, were arranged in the space and covered with white linens.  Visitors could lie on the cots to regard the projections.  In designing this installation, we thought very carefully about the history of the building and the experience of being quarantined with others—of being alone/together in a space where inside and outside are clearly demarcated, where death is terribly near and where longing for the outside world would be a common feeling.



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