Light, Water, copper tubing and fittings, plexiglas, string, ink, silk, wood, time

Dimensions: Variable

A mixed media installation at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  An array of copper tubes delivers water to threads, which hang down over a mirrored table.  Drops of water slide down the threads and gather on the table.  Surface tension allows the water to bulge around the perimeter of the table.  From time-to-time, this tension breaks and water spills through a hole in the center of the table and runs into a 20’ long steel channel where it mixes with ink.  Three large pieces of fabric draw the water vertically out of channel by virtue of capillary absorption.  The water then evaporates into the air of the gallery.  In this system there is also a shallow tray, made from cobalt blue acrylic, which hangs on the wall and receives occasional drops of water.  Light is projected down through this tray so that the ripple patterns from the drops are projected on to the wall in a space that is roughly the size a large painting.  This piece evolved out of a conversation with Curt Holder, a hydrologist at UCCS who studies cloud forests in Central America and the action by which these forests gather water directly from the air and contribute it to the watershed below.